Adult Lesson

Surfing consists in letting a wave bring you back to the shore. It means that our skills apply to bodysurfing (just with your body), bodyboarding (with a small board and fins), longboarding (with a big board of 9 feet and over) and surfing (which includes several sizes and shapes of boards).

The equipment (board and wetsuit) and the insurance are included in every lesson. Our equipment is often changed and respects the safety standards.

It is a two-hour lesson, it starts at the surf school with your board ready and your wetsuit on, and it ends when you are back to the school. That’s why we ask you to show up 15 minutes before the lesson starts. In one lesson, we can accept 8 people by instructor maximum. Each person has their own improvement ability, each person will have a special ride. We call it a group lesson but it is well adapted to each and every one.

Tips for the pros : for the kids and the beginners, we advise you choose a lesson during the low tide (or half tide). Especially if the tidal coefficient is high. If you already surf and want to improve, there are better possibilities during the high tide to paddle out behind the waves.
For each lesson, we choose the best sandbank but surfing remains an activity where each element can interfere in the wave’s quality : sandbanks, wind, direction of the swell, frequency and height of the waves, tidal coefficient, crowded spot, accessibility of the wave. Our choices are made to make your lesson as easy as possible.


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